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blue pill recovery
blue smurf's shemozzle
was that down her nozzle
she wouldn't deflect
or rather detect
a previous past-life
a plastered and blunt knife
:iconl0v3l3ss:l0v3l3ss 0 0
The intricacies of lying are woven into my skin;
one pull of the thread, another tangled web.
The lurid silver lining is nowhere to be seen,
my logic, trust and sanity forever seem to ebb...
The sum of needles onto me control my broken nerves,
I tighten strings to pull myself together once again.
My mouth is spouting venom for no one that deserves
the crippled company of mine I make them all disdain.
:iconl0v3l3ss:l0v3l3ss 0 0
Nihilistic depression -
where dreams await to die,
in such perverse a state of mind
all but a phantom one can find...
:iconl0v3l3ss:l0v3l3ss 0 0
The sculptor
It was around Easter when he was given that special clay. He was told to make two people, in his image. Unfortunately, he passed away before finishing his work. For weeks upon weeks, the only thing he'd think about was the sex of his creations. And so he had decided to leave them sexless. Even featureless. Just two figures, unfinished, inside a large wooden workshop.
When they got there to collect the sum of his work, the smell of grass was all over the place. The scent of the outdoors, so forgotten a scent. The two figures were at the very center. Scary, maybe, since they lacked characteristics, but what struck them as odd was the placement of their limbs. It made them look so sad. Though incomplete, the figures were not empty. They would feel. Even when being bubble-wrapped and driven away. They would feel. Their bodies clearly showed that. Like one needed the other with all its heart. But neither knew how to love. Or if they were allowed to. Since they had no sex. And the world woul
:iconl0v3l3ss:l0v3l3ss 0 0
Dream Warriors + Dreamseers
We carry our spears
made of oak and cherrywood,
though they may break
they make us stronger,
to guard and protect
our dreamweaving.
Our oath was given to those without faces,
who leave behind them
no traces of trespassing.
Though seemingly poignant,
our beady eyes see them
as laughingstock.
The leader of the pack,
pure silk adorns his spear,
the product of our mother
- a message to hold dear -
masters balance of illusion
and harsh reality
by signs of prophets ludicrous,
in times approaching, ominous.
:iconl0v3l3ss:l0v3l3ss 0 0
                                     laminar, veiny
                             breathing, bristling, falling
                            branches, twigs, trunk, hair
:iconl0v3l3ss:l0v3l3ss 0 0
Original sin
Lackluster shades of poison grey
paint the mural soon to be complete.
In your still silence, a ghost whisperer,
somehow will gain the entry right   
And as the universe revolved around
you, I disgraced -
her futile motherly embrace;
come nightingale with soothing sounds,
cover my damp, eroded face.
A perfect world before the fall,
for tasting what forbidden was.
And now I twist in morbid shapes
all parting words of feral prey,
lackluster shades of poison grey.
:iconl0v3l3ss:l0v3l3ss 0 0
Self-preserving art
A slip of lucid liquid lust,
one drop on callous earthy crust,
serves unintentional charade,
the way their bodies shift and wade.
Into the dark Hell's haunting grounds
that single drop like hammer pounds,
a whiplash injury for those
unable still to cast first stones.
The livid living dead will use
derogatory words as curse,
for all undead whose blood's intact
and seal enslaving, evil pacts.  
Angry arise from fiery graves,
utopian perfection's fakes,
forming a dance fore Devil's shore,
their partner's soul in much dismay.
And time will come for us to say
"I'd kill to live like that" no more...
:iconl0v3l3ss:l0v3l3ss 0 3
Doppelgaenger accompaniment
Following movements
of phantom limbs,
one arm reaching for the other like
a suit of armor unlike any other.
The steps he'll take
count ten and one,
till he reaches the wall mirror
and feels its surface with
the ghostly palms of his.
Hearing the voice beyond
pushes aside the gelatinous field;
Footsteps on dark and vacant corridors
vibrate the silence with echoes of funeral tears.
And then his voice like
music first heard as a convoluted, muffled sound...
"'Tis I" it spoke,
but "'Tis thou" should had been uttered.
A perfect twin -
crying his name so uninvitingly.
What came to pass,
inside the realm of turnabouts
would not once follow the scores of said conductor.
Instead a free form chosen;
as his other self had once envisioned.
Deadly notes, high-strung vocality,
illicit words for the faint of heart.
It was a joust of supremacy.
The world would question still,
who was the one,
who walked back out
across the mirror's other side...
:iconl0v3l3ss:l0v3l3ss 0 3
Vampirism's elitist
fibrous, pulsatile, pupated
skin, interlaced levels of
bloody apparel
gourmet esophagus in need
prickling cuspids
rupture billowing warmth
masterpiece for
the splatter specialist
:iconl0v3l3ss:l0v3l3ss 0 8
On Deaf Ears
Knocks once, knocks twice
then silence -
leans to listen to the sound of his breathing
Knocks more, knocks lightly
still silence -
gathers up courage and opens the door
Whispers once, whispers twice
fell asleep -
unresponsive, unaffected, turned his back
Whispers more, whispers lightly
fast asleep -
lingering feelings fill the room in plight
Calls once, calls twice
a hope forlorn -
agelong emotions make fleeting sounds
Calls more, calls lightly
a voice forlorn -
four walls resonating muffled cries
Shouts once, shouts twice
ears fill with the noise of confessions
resounding words left unspoken all this time
Shouts now, shouts loudly
ears repressing the noise of confessions
deaf ears translating them into mere sobs and gasps
:iconl0v3l3ss:l0v3l3ss 0 2
A call for company
White walls and hollow windows
invite the essence of their field
across which once lived dreams
the youthful and carefree
Now placed two cups upon the table
aroma of tea leaves picked one by one
damped in hot water
a luscious sensation for her  
Blended with utmost care
to remind of meticulous innuendos
served hot and steamy
he chose to drink coffee instead
:iconl0v3l3ss:l0v3l3ss 0 3
Lunitidal Wrath
lunitidal wrath
with might waves rise and plunge
           the sea is at war
:iconl0v3l3ss:l0v3l3ss 0 2
ThE sQuArE cOnUnDrUm by l0v3l3ss ThE sQuArE cOnUnDrUm :iconl0v3l3ss:l0v3l3ss 2 3
An epic poem...
We're together in this,
whisked up in sugary mist
now bring us the butter and do this again
repeat and beat, repeat
Mix us together with
flour, our orange cores please devour
have we forgotten our partner in crime?
repeat and beat, repeat
Do we look pale enough
make sure you aren't too rough
melt all the chocolate from that big bowl
lend us a hand we can't do this alone
repeat and beat, repeat
The welcoming heat we can't bear
afraid of the volcanism's lair
bake us at one hundred and seventy C
repeat, we're beat, repeat
One after the other go in
allow the jam to soak in
spread over one half, take the other in hand,
repeat, what a feat! repeat
Glazed to perfection we lie
did you honestly think we could die?
we're keeping this mixture together, alas!
repeat, quite the feat! repeat
Reassemble and leave it to rest
of course we were of the best
quality ingredients lost in between
repeat, if you wish,
now serve:
"Have a seat! Please eat!"
:iconl0v3l3ss:l0v3l3ss 0 1
Unlocking memories...
Entangled webs of worries past
forms in reverse a head in cast,
once corridors of hollow moans
suggest that Lunacy there roams
The sweat-stained bed-sheets, worn-out gowns,
all those disgusting meddling clowns,
come back to haunt the sealed away
paths in a mind that went astray
:iconl0v3l3ss:l0v3l3ss 0 1


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